It is very important that your car is serviced on a regular basis so that it is safe on the road. We offer full range of services and expert advice for all automotive needs. Smart Automotive should be the choice for all your Automotive repairs and maintenance in a smart way.

Standard Service

This service includes:

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Air Filter Checked
  • Coolant Level Checked
  • Check Brakes and rotor Visually *
  • Check Drive Belt and Report
  • Transmission Fluid Checked
  • Window Washer Checked
  • Note and report of any leaks and faults
  • C.V Joint Checked
  • Steering Suspension Components
         Visual Inspecetd
  • Shock Absorbers Checked
  • Tyre Condition Checked
  • Check Wiper Blades

* Where accessible.

From $99 +GST

European Service

As per the Standard Service: typical Euro vehicles like Audi and BMW through to Volkswagen and Volvo are more expensive for a standard service due to the higher cost of the specialised oil (usually fully synthetic) and oil filters required.

  • Oil and Filter change
  • Coolant Checked and topped up
  • Window washer fluid topped up
  • Check Brake Pads and rotors Visually
  • All other under bonnet fluids topped up
  • Air Filter Cleaned
  • Clutch and Transmision Checked and
         Fluid Toped Up

From $180 +GST

Full Service

Includes everything from standard service plus:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Air filter change
  • Spark plug change
  • Wheels Off Service and Adjust Brakes
  • Park Brake Adjusted
  • Door and Hing and Joint Lubricated
  • Tyre Pressure Checked
  • Air Intake System Cleaned
  • Differential Oil Checked

***Surcharge applies for “Euro” or “Aero” style blades

From $280 +GST